Friday, December 14, 2012

Our own Path.

In life you just have to go on your own path - 
I've always been a big believer in having a tribe of close friends and family to bounce ideas off of and to help with perspective, even so much at times to forgo what I feel to do because of in  
put from friends, suggesting to go in another direction. I still see the validity in that, at times, at least to be open to the input/critique. But coupled with that openness there needs to be your own self - experiencing, learning and growing. That, of course, means going on your own path. Our search for truth can certainly be helped by others but only truly when we are pushing for it individually.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being Compassionate

It’s easy to say and hard to live, compassion. A seeker of truth needs to be compassionate. With all of our studying of self and external examination of the world, if we are to be effective in changing anything we have to have a high level of compassion. Not one of us has escaped the fact that we were all born within a corrupted human world. We were not taught the true essences of life and death. We were born within societies that are fundamentally built upon malicious competition, then told to all of us that this is truth of nature, human nature.
We, each of us, have our own way to not only "get through" but also expand and grow in life.  We should have then a high level of compassion to everyone on their own path. Yes its a fine line, understanding. There are the truths that come into our understanding and we want to express them as "The Truth" and this is right - but not at the expense of other people. I don't believe that truth for humans is a fire in the sky kind of truth but a moment to moment understanding. Meaning that it can evolve. What we see and understand to be true today, may change over time as our knowledge grows. If we are seeking higher consciousness, then the only way we will succeed in finding and achieving it, is being on our own path. That isn't to dismiss learning from others, be it people or the world around us. I believe, under proper conditions, you can let in critique to yourself and if positive, will expand your awareness ten fold. But without compassion this "critique" will only damage, will only be a block.
Compassion is understanding - heart felt understanding. To truly be a seeker, to overcome those blocks and pitfalls we have all had laid upon us, we need to have a continuous high degree of compassion for ourselves and everyone. Continuous because the corruption we have been shown and taught runs deep - but with an understanding of where these come from and implementing feelings and thoughts to replace the fear, hurt, anger and negativity, we shall overcome and blossom into our creative imagined selves.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Time of Change... the end is near?

I’m in no mood to beat around the bush on this one. We are certainly in a time of great change and I believe that there is both good and bad aspects – I believe without any doubt that we are witnessing the beginning of eco-lapse. The Earth , is dying. And we with her. Does that mean that the end is near and that we are without hope? I believe the answer is an obvious Yes to both questions, if we continue to follow the path laid out before us. Yet we have a chance…
“But I will say this: the rule of no realm is mine, neither of Gondor nor any other, great or small. But all worthy things that are in peril as the world now stands, those are my care. And for my part, I shall not wholly fail in my task, though Gondor should perish, if anything passes through this night that can still grow fair or bear fruit and flower again in the days to come. For I am also a steward.”  -  Gandalf
This quote has motivated, guided and pushed me since I first read it as a young man. It showed me an important truth, never give up. You may fail in saving many things but you may not fail in everything and some of those things may be very great indeed. In all our myths and legends, we always face the oncoming evil, the dark one, the legions of demons. We don’t stand and take it – we fight back.
In my last fifteen years as being an apprentice to Creavolution, I have been trying to find the way that I can best help or push the revolution. We all need do this task. We all are creative to one extent or another, each a genius in our own area. I feel we have then a responsibility to use this for the salvation of our home, this Earth.
Not all of us will be on the front lines, not all of us can ram whaling boats or tree sit in the redwoods but we all have our talents and skills and interests – we can all do our part. Unity is the key here. We must become a united front. Banded together through purpose – our differences matter not – the end goal is the same. Some of us are politically driven, some spiritually, some environmentally, some emotionally, economically, intellectually… Great! Our cause is great. Our skills are great, let us become the embodiment of the change we want to see.
Our ideals are not fanciful or childish. It is where our strength lives. Our power. We must not give up on our dreams or lose faith. Fuck their conditioning, their dumb training into numbness into conformity. Fuck them! I will not have it. I deny them! I will stand tall till the last battle – I will spit in the eye of these evil fucks who are killing everything I hold dear.
Yes my brothers and sisters, we are losing the war right now and the entity that we call Life, might end as we know it – but will we let them blacken our hearts and spirits? Will we let them dull our souls and give in before we’ve really started?
“The artist, the free-flyer, the person that dares to be mad, can always go back to that madness. You cannot corner that person. That person has an instrument, has a piece of paper, has a pencil, has two dollars worth of dime store paint, has some sand on the beach… that person can always go for truth. You cannot corner that person. You can lock them in solitary and they’ll scratch it on the wall and if you cut off their hands, they will scratch it in their mind.” – Wulf

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


For thousands and thousands of years this land, the Earth, has been walked by the most beautiful of animal, the Tiger. Within a span of 100 years they are now facing extinction. Only one out of the eight sub-species left has even a hope of
survival, the Bengal.

This is a very strange time to live, and often an angering one. My heart yearns for the safety of these big cats. It yearns for us, another animal on this Earth, to feel with the most sincerity our connection and kinship to everything on this Living organism, Earth.

We have no idea what really will befall us and all of life when we extinct such a large species such as the tiger. We are so removed from our killing, that most of us barely feel it.

Do you feel it now? Do I? When we do feel it, I mean really let it inside, what do we do? What can we do?

The answer that we really believe is... nothing. And unless we do something extreme then yes, that is really the only answer.

Let's take the Bengal tigers in India, for example. They are the most protected and populated tiger species, their population being around 3,000. Yes that's right 3,000!

The Bengal is only one of the four species of tiger still alive on the planet. The other four have already been wiped out... The Caspien, in the 1950's. The Javan, in 1972. The Bali, in 1937. The South China.

The latest of these to go was the South China tiger, when in 2003 scientists finally said that after over 20 years of not seeing any in the wild, they were gone. In the mid twentieth century, they were hunted down and killed like vermin.

So, ok, we have the Siberian tigers left (around 50), the Sumatran (400 to 500), the Indo-Chinese (1,200 to 1.700), and the Bengal. Ok lets assume the money we send those environmental agencies actually helps out the tigers - the last time I checked the Bengal was protected by rangers and I thought "Oh, awesome! They will protect them from poachers!" Well then I found out that those poor bastards don't have the funding for vehicles, radios, guns, or even shoes! These are the people protecting the last of the big cats on Earth! They also are alone in a 5 kilometer radius of jungle. So when they see a jeep filled with heavily armed poachers, you know what they do... Run!

Even with the Bengal’s, who live in "protected" areas, one tiger is poached each day on average. You can do the math. When there are less than 3,000 left, they don’t have much longer.

My heart weeps. Then I get very angry. I want to kill, and I don't want to calm down. I don't want to forget. I don’t want to numb out. I don't want to just pray for the tigers. I don’t want to just pray for the killing to stop. No. I'm talking about real change. I'm talking about revolution. I don't believe in sending money to organizations so they can make “recreational parks" for tourists to see the last of the tigers. No. Revolution. I'm not talking about believing in the system and voting for some fuck head who believes in industry and business as usual more than sweet animal life. No. Revolution. I don't believe in praying to some God whose own book tells people that we have dominion over the land and animals. Dominion! Fuck that. No. Revolution.

I say stop working for Them! We give them power. We do. It's time to stop. It's time to drop the hell out. They are killing us! They are killing all Life! We are letting them. I understand why. We have never known anything else. But if we are to live a great life and feel our true potential, we must pull away from this repressing dogmatic bullshit.

We can't let the corporations make us feel guilty by saying that they only do what they do to provide for us the service we ask for. Fuck them. Planet killing fucks, Soul raping fucks!

How much longer are we going to care about watching T.V. over watching the stars. We're not feeling life when all our energy goes into making money. All of it. The truth is right now life on the planet fucking sucks. Not real life, but the lives we are handed, which is misery stacked on misery, so much so that we think that escaping for a few hours or days is actually pleasurable. And of course it is to a degree. It's fun to play games or have a drink with your friends - but not at the expense of life on the planet. We live separate from the earth, and it's killing us and making us insane. We are wildly thrashing from that insanity and taking out everything in our path.

The extinction of tigers is just a small grain of sand in that insanity. But they matter to me and they're deaths cannot go unpunished or in vain. No. We must reach into our soul and hold onto what moves us and keep pushing until we are dead.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Infinite Psychic Field

Creavolution :  The Infinite Psychic Field

The Infinite Psychic Field is the great interconnecting weave that is and connects everything in the universe. This weave has no bounds, no limitations, and has a consciousness that responds to wants and desires, pulls and pushes, the cosmic strings of destiny. The Infinite Psychic Field, the Force, the Akashic  web, (or for all my Wheel of Time brothers and sisters, The Pattern) is a simple truth of the cosmos and at the same time so complex that I don’t think we can really understand, let alone truly comprehend its power, function, intricacies, and meaning.
I am not saying that we can’t understand it on some level. Maybe some of us can better than others. In my personal study of it, I can intellectually understand its basic premise, in that simply, we are all inter-connected, inter-woven, if you will, with everything else. There is literally no separation between us and anything else, sentient or non-sentient (if there even is such a thing as non-sentient). That is kind of a simple thing to believe and understand; it’s really just basic physics – everything is vibrating energy, everything is and of energy, so therefore, it is interconnected. From this perspective, there seems to be no need to think of it on a more complex, spiritual level outside of basic physics. Well I agree that the perspective of physics is correct, but at the same time I believe there is a much more complex and spiritual understanding of this reality that physics does not quite cover.
Let me attempt to further illustrate my point…
The belief that everything is interconnected and thus, everything affects everything and everyone else, in my opinion, implies that there exists a consciousness in this process, perhaps a higher consciousness than that of our own, human consciousness. There becomes a wide range of questions that come up when contemplating on this subject:
 Is there a pattern that can be found by studying this consciousness, a cycle to the nature of how everything affects everything else?
Can you gain understanding of yourself and everyone around you by understanding this pattern?
If this force is in and of itself, conscious, is it not then what we call the God force and or Fate?
Is this pattern really a complete and fixed process, unchangeable and pre-determined?
Or is it a combination of both fixed and changing flows within the matrix of the pattern?
And what are omens? Are they simply moments where humans recognize this pattern or psychic reality?
 I feel that it is a great mistake that we claim to have any true understanding of this force of the universe. I think we occasionally have glimpses of it, and I think science, religion and philosophy has developed out of these glimpses. However, in my opinion, it is foolish to believe we have developed a concrete answer to anything, or to put down, condemn, praise or anything else because we think we know. To me the only way any of us can have that attitude would be if we have actually achieved enlightenment. Then we may be able to put our foot down and say that we know the Truth. But I doubt even that concept. I believe that everything, including the Force, is always in a state of expansion and an uncountable amount of things are causing ten times as many other uncountable reactions and on and on and on into infinity. How can we really do or be anything but humble in our thoughts and feelings and our conclusions about anyone or thing? We will only ever be able to understand only a part of the complexity and total cause and effect of the pattern. That isn’t to say that you can’t trust and act upon your thoughts, reactions, feelings and emotions, but you can do it with a humble understanding that you may not have it all figured out and so you are pushing yourself to be open and compassionate.
I believe that you can see this pattern of how everything affects everything else. However, I think that for most of us, myself very much included, this sight or understanding of the pattern is extremely small. I believe we are only seeing a part of a part of a part and so on. It’s a strange thing to study in that you can feel a power of sorts by having this understanding. But at the same time, there becomes a desire to get on your knees in homage to this power, because if you spend any amount of time in this contemplation of cause and effect, it becomes clear how small (though not unimportant) we really are. We are trying to understand the mind of god, as they say. Something that has always stuck with me in my searching for truth and faith throughout my life, is a statement made once by a priest, when he said that a human being attempting to understand the mind of god was like trying to make a dog understand what a star is. I’m not sure that I or anyone else will ever be able to understand the mind of god.
On the idea that you can gain understanding of yourself and your surroundings, I fully agree – yet again, I still hold to that it is only so far as we understand. It isn’t necessarily the Truth! Maybe it’s a snippet of it or part of or maybe we are adding to something from ourselves and are overlaying it onto another person or situation. I think that the more we study, meditrance, learn and explore, the more we will understand the psychic synchronicity in all of the world/life. Yet again I cannot stress enough that everything we gain insight upon or think to, should not only be observed with great care, it should also be subject to extreme scrutiny. 
The idea that this Force, this weaving of the pattern, is in and of itself conscious, is a huge idea, and one that I agree with. But that does that mean everything is pre-ordained or that you have the ability to choose your own way? That we have no control because this or these ‘higher’ beings are controlling or have already written everything down?  These are very complex thoughts and ideas, and I have not come to any complete feelings about them. What I have come to however, is that a pattern is set, not in cycles (well maybe at times), but that pattern continues until something changes it’s course, which can be and is a myriad of things, even up to every moment and it applies and adapts and lays out more and more ideas/ possibilities that will be set in motion if that or other particular paths are taken -  the really crazy thing to me is thinking about the countless upon countless variations to each second of each situation!
To be humble to life, to this Force, to study and learn and be pushing ourselves for truth and constant understanding, greater expansion, more, more feeling the holiness, the divinity in everything and applying this to our lives, is at this point as far as I can understand. To unify and communicate with this god-force, this ele-Mental energy, this essence of Life is our purpose.
The next common idea is that it is all fixed. It’s all been written down from beginning to end and we are living out this story. To me, this is not correct. Like I said before, if a pattern is ‘written’ or laid out, it would have to adapt to more information, more info that would be realized after or rather that we understand of that which is written will expand – we cannot forget that we humans, not the spiritual essences or gods, write books, philosophy, literature and create religion – it’s always a human interpretation of the divine, supposed or otherwise. I don’t believe everything is set, simply that nothing is unchangeable. Evolving is a part of the Great Flow, it, as a fact, null and voids the concept of the “this is just how it is, period” attitude.
And, lastly, on the question of omens; what are omens? To me they are signs from the universe (gods) to help in a quest for knowledge. Sometimes they are too obscure for us to recognize, sometimes they are recognized as just pure coincidence. I believe they are a helping hand in finding truths what we are looking for. I believe that because we humans are divorced from the natural world, we rarely see these signs. I think that if we understood the language of the planet and the stars, that we would see these signs every moment of every day.
I then, of course, am saying in essence that there is a consciousness that is the essence of Life that we are but a part of, and in order to truly be alive, we must align ourselves with that. Then we will see/feel the truth – the pulse of the universe, guiding and teaching. This language, this Soul Speak, is around us always, we just have to learn to listen.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Creavolution: Reason and the Occult

 Creavolution as an idea is both very complex and simple. Also, in my many years of studying it, the concept has been a bit too vague for me to be able to fully stand behind.  The concept is not vague in the sense of a total interconnection with everything, both sentient and non-sentient in the multi-verse, and not vague in that we can creatively expand our situation in life, whatever that may be. In fact, we are doing this all the time, both consciously and unconsciously. The life changing concepts of Affirmative Fatalism and the Infinite Psychic Field are at the heart of the unifying idea’s of Creavolution.
The vagueness has rather been in the spiritual side of life, which on a certain level is a odd thing to say when talking about Creative-Evolution : mind directed evolution, that we can create our own fate. But still in all I say, yes, vague because there is a consciousness outside of human thought that we are a part of, as is everything in the multi-verse a “part” of.  Just because we have lost or forgotten the song of the trees, rocks and stars, doesn’t mean that they don’t have one. But certainly in this age of Reason, it does.
I’m not writing this to bash scientific reason, but rather to show the inter-connection, the two sides of the same coin, the partnership between scientific thought (Reason) and the metaphysical/esoteric (Occult/Magic).
I guess I should jump right to the bottom line for me, we are a part of/witnessing the beginning of eco-lapse on our planet – an animal that is connected with its surroundings doesn’t destroy it or themselves. We humans have lost our connection to everything, land, sea, air, spirit, ourselves. This loss of connection is driving us insane – correction, we are insane/numb/disconnected.
It’s not the fault of our searching for understanding, our quest for knowledge nor is it the fault for our quest to feel the divine – though certainly part of the fault is that we separate those two things. I think another reason is that we are afraid, afraid of death. We haven’t come to terms with this part of life. It takes us out of the moment, so then we are never stable, never solid. Without being solid you are living in a void and we have built our civilizations within this void. That can only occur so long before we are woven out of the Pattern.
Magic and Science weren’t always separate or rather dare I say Religion and Science weren’t always separate. Our ancestors felt the holiness in all of life, from the stars to the seasons to learning to write and do math – how is it not a divine thing to breathe. To be connected with the trees and oceans. That we breathe out and they in and in turn they breathe out and we in… How is that not holy to feel that connection? Why does it matter that we know the components in the air that makes all that possible? Why does that have to take anything away from either thing?
Being connected with something is a scientific and spiritual process. Whatever it is you’re connecting to, from a math problem to art or philosophy, to connect to it is a meditative process that takes both mind and spirit to achieve.
We also need be humble and open-minded. Just because something makes sense to us right now doesn’t mean it always will – to be anything but humble in our searching  just makes us foolish and shortsighted. We also need to be humble in the sense that we are all really after the same thing, weather you’re reason minded or spiritual minded. So the only “reasonable” thing to do, the only “spiritual” thing to do, is to work together, focus on compatibilities. Keep questioning each others differences, never stop questioning, but as allies, comrades, partners.
Of course, where we run into big problems with all of these thoughts, is from the extremes at both ends – the “it’s all random” and “it’s all faith” people/idea. Life isn’t black and white, it is incredibly complex, more so than any of us can at this point understand. There is a myriad of ways that thoughts start billions of reactions that spread a million different ways spurring countless other thoughts and reactions that then either materialize or continue to be built upon and grow, which in turn continues the entire process even farther into infinite degrees in countless directions.
When you focus on one extreme or another, you are in essence singling out one thing that actually exists because of the billions upon billions of other things which all affect each other. So you are blinding yourself from the essences of the thing which you are focusing upon, therein canceling them out and living within a void.
So this Consciousness that we are a part of…
I haven’t achieved, by any stretch of the imagination, to feeling 8th Consciousness or enlightenment, so I can’t say what or how this Consciousness is. I have snippets (like all of us) of feeling it, but beyond that…
I do know that the way to connect, to communicate with that Consciousness, is by utilizing both our minds and spirits. (thought = focus  spirit = will : the gateway to communicate with the All)
Without thought there is nothing to articulate, to focus upon, no focus no meditation/prayer to pour your will into and then the result is no manifestation, no connection, co communication.
If we don’t get this unity into ourselves and start applying it in all aspects of our lives, bring true action/work to our ideals, then we are doomed. We must fight our conditioning. We must fight our negative dogma training. We must unify our mind and spirit. Tear down our walls, built within the void, and forge ahead within the light of Reason and Religion.